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Particle Size Characterization and Optical Microrheology – LS Instruments Spectrometer, DWS RheoLab and NanoLab 3D

Particle Size Characterization and Optical Microrheology

LS Instruments Spectrometer, DWS RheoLab and NanoLab 3D

Based on world leading light-scattering technologies, LS Instruments provides industry and academia with the tools to carry out particle size characterization and the analysis of rheological properties. Their technologies cover many key applications in fields such as cosmetic, food or pharmaceutical industries. LS Instruments provides the most reliable, precise, and easy-to-use solutions for your analytical challenges.


LS Spectrometer

LS Spectrometer

The LS Spectrometer uses static light scattering (SLS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) to provide one of the most sophisticated instruments available for particle characterization. Custom configurations, available through its modular design and many options, results in the ability to optimize solutions for various specific research areas.

The most popular configuration is the 3D LS Spectrometer, which incorporates revolutionary 3D cross-correlation technology for eliminating the contributions of multiple scattering. Using this technology, sample dilution is no longer necessary. You can now analyze your systems in their native state to determine particle sizing, form and structure factor, rotational and translational diffusion coefficient, and molecular weight.


  • Dynamic and static light scattering at scattering angles from 15°-150°
  • Detector mounted on a fully automated and motorized goniometer (angle resolution better than 0.01°)
  • Particle characterization from 0.15 nm to 5 microns: hydrodynamic radius RH, radius of gyration RG, size distribution, form, and structure factor
  • Determination of molecular weight
  • Automated measurements and data analysis
  • Automated particle sizing using Cumulant fit and CONTIN analysis
  • Precise temperature control

LS Spectrometer Brochure

DWS RheoLab

LS Instruments DWS RheoLab

The powerful DWS RheoLab requires only small sample volumes to provide access to the sample's viscoelastic properties over an unmatched frequency range. Since the measurements are contact-free and non-destructive, the use of a tightly sealed sample cell allows studies of stability or shelf-life over long periods for highly viscoelastic and fragile microstructures. Based on the powerful DWS Microrheology technique, the RheoLab is ideally suited for a wide range of viscoelastic samples including gels, suspensions, (bio-) polymers, emulsion and foams. Key applications include: gelation, aggregation, ageing and stability.

DWS RheoLab Measures:

  • Viscosity
  • Elasticity
  • Mean Square Displacement
  • Particle Size

DWS RheoLab Brochure

3D NanoLab

LS Instruments 3D NanoLab

The NanoLab 3D is a compact dynamic light scattering (DLS) instrument for particle sizing based on the groundbreaking 3D modulation technology. Traditional DLS instruments require high dilution to avoid the adverse effects of multiple scattered light. These effects can result in false particle size measurements, often without alerting you to the error in your results.

LS Instruments patented 3D modulation technology efficiently suppresses multiple light scattering, thereby eliminating the need for sample dilution for most samples. It comes equipped with a 120 mW laser and offers increased precision faster than other comparable DLS instruments. Combined with an ergonomic sample chamber design, this allows for high through-put of measurements.


  • Advanced DLS particle sizing: Cumulant and CORENN analysis
  • DLS microviscosimetry
  • Applicable to diluted as well as highly concentrated samples
  • Particle sizing from 0.15 nm to 5 µm radius
  • Temperature range: 4°C to 85°C
  • Monitors time-dependent processes

3D NanoLab Brochure

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